quinta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2010

"It's somethin impredictible but in the end it's right, I hope you had the time of your life..."

Verão de '98
The friendship

Setembro de '03
2 new friends

28 de Novembro de '05
1st kiss, 1st love "just perfect, but I wasn't ready for perfection"

Setembro de '06
2 new friends that come to stay

16 de Fevereiro de '07
2nd love "time to grow, time to learn"

12 de Agosto de '07
I never knew what it could become

Novembro '07

6 de Abril de '09
Now I know what it became... The love who let my world upside down... "livin' and learning"

6 de Abril de '10
The end of the cicle "I grew stronger, I became someone different... It's time to say goodbye"


"when someone grows, learns to take life as it is... and thanks to that, she gets stronger, becoming able to make the right choices"

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